Readers of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders series


Jennifer Marchant refers to a study on teenagers’ reading of Anne McCaffrey’s novels by Kay E. Vandergrift. Apparently, in the discussion groups:
“a large percentage of the time was spent on discussing Impression; and it was clear that they had found the passages in the various texts dealing with this phenomenon to be powerful and emotionally charged. Several indicated that they had re-read those passages many times and tried to imagine themselves in such a scene.”

I thought this interesting. Marchant explores her own views on what makes these scenes ‘powerful and emotionally charged’. I suspect more could be said…

Ref: Vandergrift quoted p.14 of  Marchant, Jennifer ‘An Advocate, a Defender, an Intimate”: Kristeva’s Imaginary Father in Fictional Girl-Animal Relationships’ Children’s Literature Association Quarterly, 30(1), Spring 2005, pp. 3-15

Reference is to: p.29 Vandergrift, Kay E. “Meaning-Making and the Dragons of Pern.” Children’s Literature Quarterly 15 (1990): 27–32.


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