How do we fit into history?


Architects are currently challenged with not only designing stimulating architecture for today, but also creating noteworthy archaeology for tomorrow. To add to the challenge, most architects are faced with constructing in an already built environment: the mixed architecture of the past becomes the backdrop for the design of the future. What is this future, how do we design for the next hundred years, and how do we fit into history? Architecture is that sprawling manmade world between the earthly and the metaphysical, floating – sometimes peacefully and sometimes violently – between the ecosphere and the ethnosphere. What we make today needs to resonate with both, reflecting an equilibrium among nature, eternity, and change.
The virtual realities of the future, often seen in sci-fi movies, are visions seen substantially through the Movement lens only: the controlled, fast-action pace of films. This has become an addiction, and futurists go askew as dramatic purposes demand. Looking at the evocative designs of Frank Gehry, Rem Koolhaus, or Zaha Hadid, for instance, we see dynamic architecture far from the sterile techno versions imagined by Hollywood, yet still one-dimensionally dedicated to rapid progress. What resonates today and is likely to endure tomorrow must transcend any trend, all the while creating a unique statement of the landscape and the metaphysics of the culture from which it emerges, while offering a full measure of the dynamic times in which it was built.” (p.166)

“We must explore how architecture today can more appropriately reflect upon, nourish, and shape the soul of modern man.” (p.166)

Ref: (emphases in blue bold mine) Travis Price (c2006)The Archaeology of Tomorrow: Architecture and the Spirit of Place. Earth Aware: San Rafael, CA


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