What landscape of the imagination do we want to bequeath to our descendants?


Summing up Travis Price’s work in The Archaeology of Tomorrow,  Wade Davis writes:

“The magical and mystical resonance of Machu Picchu does not lie in its history alone. Its universal appeal and power is found in the metaphors and prayers, the cosmic notions that led to its construction. These were ideas and intuitions so transcendent that they are still felt today, five hundred years after the death of the people who gave them form, even by a humble tourist who knows nothing of their meaning yet reflexively absorbs something of their essence.
This, I believe, is what Travis Price means when he speaks of the architecture of today becoming the archaeology of tomorrow. In his quest for the mythic, what he really seeks is the perfection of the authentic. His goal is not to reinvent the architectural past, but to implement the essential elements of what makes for greatness in any age. He asks fundamental questions. What kind of world do we want to inhabit, what landscape of the imagination do we want to bequeath to our descendants? What forms do we want to erect around the lives of our children, knowing full well that the shape of these structures will both reflect their memories and inspire their deepest aspirations?” (p.15)

Ref: (emphases in blue bold mine) Travis Price (c2006)The Archaeology of Tomorrow: Architecture and the Spirit of Place. Earth Aware: San Rafael, CA


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