Thoughts on old age


In Robin Hobb’s Royal Assassin, there is a brief discussion of the experience of old age; I like it.royal-assassin-the-farseer-trilogy-book-2

“Well [Chade said, talking of his brother]. We were never really that close, that way. But we are two [-p.23] old men, who have grown old together. Sometimes that is a greater closeness. We have come through time to your day and age. We can talk together, quietly, and share memories of a time that exists no more. I can tell you how it was, but it is not the same. It is like being two foreigners, trapped in a land we have come to, unable to return to our own, and having only each other to confirm the reality of the place where we once lived. At least, once we could.”
I thought of two children running wild on the beaches of Buckkeep, plucking sheel off the rocks and eating them raw. Molly and me. It was possible to be homesick for a time, and to be lonely for the only other person who could recall it. I nodded.” (pp.22-23, Chapter Twenty-Six: Skilling)

Ref: Robin Hobb (c2013) Royal Assassin. HarperCollins. e-book edition



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