The system running itself


Actually, on that note, according to Do Rozario, Allan Lloyd Smith has also argued “that technological change suggests a scenario of ‘the system running itself, for itself; and hence generates antihumanism, plots beyond comprehension. Either there are plots or, perhaps worse, there are none, an unendurable void of meaning.'” (Do Rozario citing Smith, p.212 Fantastic Books)… we are talking about the Gothic, but we could also be talking about a number of premises for YA fiction (and not just Gothic YA fic)…

Ref: Rebecca-Anne C. Do Rozario ‘Fantastic Books: The Gothic Architecture of Children’s Books’ pp.209-225 Eds. Anna Jackson, Karen Coats and Roderick McGillis (c2008) The Gothic in Children’s Literature: Haunting the Borders. Routledge: New York

Reference is to: p.16 Allan Lloyd Smith (1996) Postmodernism/Gothicism. In V. Sage & A.L. Smith (Eds.), Modern Gothic: A Reader (pp.6-19). Manchester; New York: Manchester University Press.


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