Private spaces vs. public spaces


According to Nan Ellin: “As our private spaces have elevated in importance, our public spaces have been diminishing in quantity and quality. Those public spaces that remain often convey the messages, ‘Go away,’ or , ‘Don’t linger long,’ since they have been stripped of public rest rooms, telephones, and even water fountains.” (p.102)

“The rising tide of fear has led people to stay at home more. Activities that once occurred in the public realm are increasingly satisfied now in the private one via television or computer. Venturing out is increasingly restricted to the controlled settings of the shopping mall, theme park, or sports arena. Going out without a plan but merely to partake in the unpredictable and spontaneous public pageant, a characterizing feature of urban life, has grown increasingly rare. Rather, we tend to go out for specific purposes, with specific destinations in mind, and with a knowledge of where we will park and whom we shall meet.” (p.102)

Ref: (emphases in blue bold mine) Nan Ellin (c2006) Integral Urbanism. Routledge: New York; Oxon.


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