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Shamoon, Deborah
Title: Passionate Friendship: The Aesthetics of Girls’ Culture in Japan
Publication Details: Honolulu, HI: U of Hawaii P, 2012. ix, 181 pp.. .
Series Information:
Series ISSN:
Publication Year: 2012
Publication Type: book
Language of Publication: English
ISBN: 0824835425 (hbk.); 9780824835422 (hbk.)0824836383 (pbk.); 9780824836382 (pbk.)



National Literature: Japanese literature
Period: 1900-1999
Genre: fiction
Genre: manga
Genre: (and) magazines
Group: (foraudience) girls
Literary Theme: (treatment of) friendship
Literary Theme: (relationship to) aesthetics
Literary Theme: social ideologies
  • The Emergence of the Shojo and the Discourse of Spiritual Love in Meiji Literature
  • Prewar Girls’ Culture (Shojo bunka), 1910-1937
  • Narrative and Visual Aesthetics of Prewar Girls’ Magazines
  • The Formation of Postwar Shojo manga, 1950-1969
  • The Revolution in 1970s Shojo manga

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