love is unworldly


It’s not what I’m working on, but Tamboukou’s critical adoption of Hannah Arendt’s approach to love did catch my eye and I’d like to return to it…

Drawing on Arendt, Tamboukou writes: “…love moves us away from the world, it is ‘unworldly [. . .] not only apolitical but antipolitical, perhaps the most antipolitical of all antipolitical human forces’ (Arendt, 1998: 242).” (p.43)

It just made me think of paranormal fantasy and romance… I realise that is off in a different direction and I haven’t read the article properly yet, but it got me thinking….

Ref: Maria Tamboukou (2013) Love, Narratives, Politics: Encounters between Hannah Arendt and Rosa Luxemburg Theory, Culture & Society 30: 35-56


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