Films provide a galaxy of representations


“Falzon (2002) argues that films provide ‘a galaxy of representations of characters, events and situations, in which philosophical ideas, themes and concerns find concrete embodiment, and to which we can turn in order to illuminate and provoke philosophical thinking’ (p5)” (Tan, p485)

Ref. Charlene Tan (2006) Philosophical reflections from the silver screen: using films to promote reflection in pre-service teachers’ Reflective Practice 7(4)Nov., pp483-497 These references looked interesting, too: Bassham, G (2003) Tolkien’s six keys to happiness, in G Bassham & E Bronson (Eds) The Lord of the Rings and Philosophy: one book to rule them all (Illinois, Open Court)  Erion, GJ & Smith B (2002) Skepticism, morality and The Matrix, in W Irwin (Ed) The Matrix and philosophy (Illinois, Open Court) Falzon C (2002) Philosophy goes to the movies: an introduction to philosophy (London, Routledge) Lawler, J (2001) The moral world of the Simpson family: a Kantian perspective, in W Irwin M T Conrad & AJ Skoble (Eds) The Simpsons and philosophy: the d’oh of Homer (Illinois, Open Court) Summerfield E and Lee S (2001) Seeing the big picture.. Exploring American cultures on film (Yarmouth, Intercultural Press). Summerfield E (1993) Crossing cultures through film (Yarmough, Intercultural Press)


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