the undiluted city


what a lovely way of putting it!

Just reading the ‘Muzz Landscape Architects’ blog and found that term: ‘the undiluted city’ … to explain more fully, though….

The blog author writes: “The Boston Globe discusses how landscape architects have been focused on the importance of nature in dense urban areas for some time: “Long before scientists warned about depleted prefrontal cortices, philosophers and landscape architects were warning about the effects of the undiluted city, and looking for ways to integrate nature into modern life. Ralph Waldo Emerson advised people to “adopt the pace of nature,” while the landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted sought to create vibrant urban parks, such as Central Park in New York and the Emerald Necklace in Boston, that allowed the masses to escape the maelstrom of urban life.”” (emphases in bold blue, mine)  (The Restorative Effects of Nature in Cities Posted on 2009/01/09)


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