History quotes


“History offers two crucial channels to understanding ourselves better.  The first is the opportunity to learn from the past.  The second is psychological grounding.  We learn where we came from, how we got here and what has given our society its unique character.  History gives us context, richness and depth, continuity and perspective.”[1]

“For history, in some modest and domesticated way, is the canonical setting for individual autobiography.  It is [-p147] our sense of belonging to this canonical past that allows us to frame our self-accounts as, somehow, impelled by deviation from what was expected of us, while still maintaining complicity with the canon.” [2]

“… a historical narrative claims truth not merely for each of its individual statements taken distributively, but for the complex form of the narrative itself.” [3]

[1] Writers in Residence pvii

[2] Narrative construal of reality – bruner P146-147

[3] Narrative form as a cognitive instrument – louis o mink p144


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