Favourite Quotes 7 – frozen narratives


P39  “… autobiography, however implicit or explicit, always risks becoming self-sealing in the sense that it may tempt the teller into a “life” that suits circumstances so comfortably that it even conceals the possibilities of choice.  It is usually the case that the conversions and turning points in literary autobiography are dramatically about such “awakenings” from self-sealing autobiographical periods.  … At least two psychoanalysts have proposed that the object of therapy might be better conceived as an effort to help “awaken” patients from frozen narratives about their lives so that they can risk forging new ones. But we do not fall into self-sealing autobiographical traps just for ego-defense and dissonance-reduction.  They are just as much an instrument of cultural stability.” [1]

[1] P39 – Pp38 -56 Jerome Bruner  The Autobiographical Process  – in Culture of autobiography??


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