Favourite Quotes 6 – autobiography


“The historical extensibility of narrative.  Life is not just one self-sufficient story after another, each narratively on its own bottom.  Plot, characters, and setting all seem to continue to expand.  We attempt to stabilize our worlds with an enduring pantheon of gods who continue to act in character, though circumstances change.  We construct a “life” by creating an identity-conserving Self who wakes up the next [-p144] day still mostly the same.  We seem to be geniuses at the “continued story.” … We impose coherence on the past, turn it into history.

So how do we cobble our narratives together to assure their unlimited continuity?  And how much continuity do we require? … One thing that make this expansibility of history (and autobiography) possible is the conception we seem to have about “turning points,” pivotal events in time when the “new” replaces the “old.””[1]

[1] Narrative construal of reality – bruner (pp143-144)


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