Crossover fiction – a reference


Just an aside, really… there is a book out by Rachel Falconer considering the phenomenon of ‘crossover’…

Rachel Falconer The Crossover Novel: Contemporary Children’s Fiction and its Adult Readership (2009)

Table of Contents:

Series Editor’s Foreword Acknowledgments Introduction A Decade of Border Crossing Chapter 1 Kiddults at Large Chapter 2 Harry Potter, Lightness and Death Chapter 3 Coming of Age in a Fantasy World: Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Chapter 4 Seeing Things Big: Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time Chapter 5 Adolescence and Abjection: Geraldine McCaughrean’s The White Darkness Chapter 6 The Search for Roots: David Almond’s Clay Chapter 7 Re-reading Childhood Books: C.S. Lewis’s The Silver Chair Conclusion Crossing Thresholds of Time Notes Bibliography Index


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