20c interest in place


Oh dear, this is from my pile of imperfect notes, too… but I don’t even know what book or article I took this from! Make a note if you know. ‘Someone states’:

“with the recession or mangling of traditional centers of meaning – plot, character, theme and style – criticism is forced to uncover literary elements that have either escaped notice or assert themselves in newly important ways. Time is one of these old elements….” (p.1)

“In addition to a new interest in place as a formal element in literature, the twentieth century evidences a new interest in place as an important issue in general. This is a result of widespread public recognition that earth as a place, or the total environment, is being radically changed and perhaps rendered uninhabitable by more and more pervasive and powerful technologies. There is a growing conviction that man’s use of the earth’s resources, his alteration of places in every corner of the globe, must proceed now with a view not only to present profit and pleasure but to the survival of the very next generation. The great question is whether man can change his perception of himself in relation to his surroundings in such a way as to achieve this end.” (p.2)


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