Urban Fantasy… a definition 2


Genre confusion…

again, I am drawing on Nanette Wargo Donohue, who (thank you very much) went to  the effort of putting together the characteristics, traditions, background and key examples of urban fantasy…

 She writes: “Contemporary urban fantasy started as an offshoot of horror fiction rather than sf/fantasy but has blended with other genres, most notably romance and mystery. Many authors of paranormal romances are now setting their novels in contemporary worlds, where vampires, werewolves, and fey coexist with humans. However, these titles tend to focus predominantly on the love story between a single male character and a single female character, often conclude with the traditional ‘happily ever after,’ and each volume in a series tends to focus on a different man and a different woman. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s ‘Dark-Hunter’ series is a prime example of paranormal romances with strong urban fantasy elements.” (64)

She refers readers to www.locusmag.com for reviews… and notes that Dian Tixier Herald’s Genreflecting (6th ed., 2005) and Fluent in Fantasy (2008) contain citations and annotations for selected urban fantasy novels. (65). She also lists recommendations from this field (for libraries to add to their collections).

Ref: Nanette Wargo Donohue (2008) ‘The City Fantastic’ Library Journal June 1st, pp64-67


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