Once Upon a Time…


“Once upon a time; the phrase suggests a border, or perhaps an opening, connecting our world with that of folk and fairy tale: a kind of parallel world where humans and animals share a language, objects perform extraordinary gestures, and the concepts of animate and inanimate blur. The words sound a charm signalling a crossing-over that, like a child’s turning on the spot, leads to a pleasurable disorientation and an uncertainty about the relationships between things. Folk and fairy tales speak of how things might be.” (np – but first page of introduction)

“Each tale is a once – a bubble perhaps – up on a time; it connects to a tradition, a time and a place, but remains distinct from it, changing shape according to the needs of a storyteller. Making jewellery functions similarly. It is a process of exploring, expanding, refining, and embellishing within a peculiar tradition of skills and tools. Jewellery is however, more particularly, about ornament – a practice also informing storytelling. Telling a tale embellishes its structure, performing a kind of repoussage across its surface, patterning from behind with speech.” (np – but second page of introduction)

Ref: Grant Thompson ‘Introduction’ pp1-5 in Straw into Gold, by Jane Dodd and Martin Bergmans: Auckland (self-published? Assisted by CreativeNZ ISBN: 0473087464)


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