Pregnancy, American society and Meyer’s Twilight series…


Lydia Kokkola notes that “Edward’s ability to contain Bella’s desire allows her to walk the border line, enjoying ‘‘adult’’ freedoms without ‘‘adult’’ responsibilities.” (175)

“One obvious reason why sex is so marked,” she continues, “is the genuinely transformational experience of parenthood. Teenagers who are parents occupy a decidedly awkward, liminal space in conservative American society. Since they are responsible for the care of their own children, they cannot be treated like other children, but they are not treated as adults either. Instead, they are seen as pariahs, scapegoats, in a society which rigidly distinguishes between adults and children. In keeping with the conventions for adolescent romances, Meyer manages to depict the ‘‘horror’’ of an unplanned, teenage pregnancy, even though her characters are virgins on their wedding day.” (175)

Ref: Lydia Kokkola ‘Virtuous Vampires and Voluptuous Vamps: Romance Conventions Reconsidered in Stephenie Meyer’s ‘‘Twilight’’ Series’ Children’s Literature in Education (2011) 42:165–179


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