The glam life of spies


Back to this for a moment… it really does seem to me that part of the pleasure of reading Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series is in the ‘ease’iness of the girls lives, living as they do in an exclusive boarding school, daughters of national heroes – and senators etc.etc.. 

Using private jets, as they do, to fly to Rome in the middle of a school night, as they do (on a mission of greater importance than school tests and the like), and getting in the back door of the American Embassy in Rome without security clearance, as they do, fits how we imagine both the world of the high-class spy and the world of the elite education system. Even bumping into old friends in Rome is a case of bumping into the US Ambassador’s son… and being hugged by the Ambassador himself before he dashes off to a breakfast meeting at the Vatican (p.196). These girls move around effortlessly in the hub of power. It’s appealing.

But what function (beyond the appeal of an easy life) does all this glamour and high-society-life have? I’m thinking James Bond… and just wondering…

PS I’m referring to: Ally Carter (2012) Out of Sight, Out of Time. Orchard: London, Sydney


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