Ignorance is bliss


“I’d never thought about the things a person must see when they’re a footstep away from the presidency. All good spies know that ignorance really is bliss. Mr Winters looked like a man who knew things he truly wanted to forget. / I totally knew the feeling.” (225)

Is not knowing state secrets bliss? Is that how ‘common folk’ live? …in a state of bliss because they ‘don’t know’?

This concept isn’t just a fleeting one, either; in the final pages of the book, Cammie makes the important decision not to bug her mother’s office or listen in on the discussions taking place there. “‘Because if we were supposed to know what is happening in that room, we would have been invited into that room,’ I said, and smiled at Zach. He’d been right, of course, and I looked down at the mat. ‘Because there are things you just can’t unhear. No matter how much you want to.'” (320) The significance of this decision is partly in that it reflects a change in Cammie’s nature (from a girl who loves spying and sneaking around the Academy to find out more to a girl who makes the choice not to do so… spying becomes a question of principle…)

Ref: Ally Carter (2012) Out of Sight, Out of Time. Orchard: London, Sydney


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