Analysing Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight


Perhaps appropriately, Meyer’s Twilight series has received a fair amount of academic attention (and an incredible amount of attention in general!).

Some books that sprang up around the series include:

Bringing Light to Twilight: Perspectives on a Pop Culture Phenomenon, by Giselle Liza Anatol

(According to fishpond, “Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” series has enjoyed astounding commercial success, not just with adolescents as originally intended but with a wide and diverse audience, yet the cultural and literary contributions of these novels have been largely overlooked. This dynamic volume reveals how the “Twilight “series has fundamentally altered our interpretations of vampires. These essays bring together a broad range of perspectives on the vampire series, from gender issues to the genre of Gothic fiction to environmental concerns. Ultimately, this compelling collection provides insights on how we can better “read” popular culture and loosen the restrictive boundaries between pleasure and intellectual pursuit along the way.

Table of Contents

Introduction–Giselle Liza Anatol * Part I: Literary Contexts, Past and Present * The Wolf in the Woods: Representations of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ in Twilight – Margaret Kramar * Textual Vampirism in the Twilight Saga: Drawing Feminist Life from Jane Eyre and Teen Fantasy Fiction – Kristen Deffenbacher and Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet * Serial Experiments in Popular Culture: The Resignification of Gothic Symbology in Anita Blake Vampire Hunter and the Twilight Series – Carole Veldman-Genz * Twilight, Translated – Kim Allen Gleed * Variations, Subversions and Endless Love: Fan Fiction and the Twilight Saga – Maria Lindgren Leavenworth * True Blood Waits: The Romance of Law and Literature – Meredith Wallis * Part II: Gender and Sexuality * Wake Up, Bella! A Personal Essay on Twilight, Mormonism, Feminism, and Happiness – Tammy Dietz * “When you kiss me, I want to die”: Arrested Feminism in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Twilight Series – Rhonda Nicol * One is not born a vampire, but becomes one’: Motherhood, Masochism, and Male Mothering in Twilight – Merinne Whitton * Of Monsters and Men: Toxic Masculinity and the 21st-Century Vampire in the Twilight Saga – Tracey Bealer * The Other Edward: Twilight’s Queer Construction of the Vampire as Idealized Teenage Boyfriend – Joseph Somers and Amy L. Hume * Part III: Class, Race, and Green Space * ‘Embraced’ by Consumption: Twilight and the Modern Construction of Gender – Michael Goebel * Fashion Sucks!Blood? Clothes and Covens in Twilight and Hollywood Culture – Angie Chau * Trailing in Jonathan Harker’s Shadow: Bella as Modern-Day Ethnographer in Meyer’s Twilight Novels – Joo Ok Kim and Giselle Liza Anatol * The Great American Love Affair: Indians in the Twilight Saga – Brianna Burke * Green is the New Black: Ecophobia and the Gothic Landscape in the Twilight Series – Tara K. Parmiter”)

A New Dawn: Your Favorite Authors on Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, edited by Ellen Hopkins

( According to fishpond, “Edited by a bestselling author, this volume is packed with the same debates that fans of The Twilight Saga engage in with their friends, but from favorite YA authors as they look at the series with fresh eyes. Contributors include Rachel Caine, Megan McCafferty, Cassandra Clare, and others.”)

 Seduced by Twilight: The allure and contradictory messages of the popular saga, by Natalie Wilson

(According to fishpond, “Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga has maintained a tight grip on the contemporary culture’s imagination. This timely and critical work examines how the Twilight series offers addictively appealing messages about love, romance, sex, beauty and body image, and how these charged themes interact with cultural issues regarding race, class, gender and sexuality. Through a careful analysis of the texts, the fandom and the current cultural climate, this book argues that the success of the Twilight series stems chiefly from Meyer’s savvy negotiation of cultural mores. An insightful and scholarly addition to commentary on the Twilight phenomenon.”)

Authors and the Works Their Books Inspired: Stephanie Meyer, by London Grace

(According to fishpond, “She created an international phenomenon. Meet author Stephanie Meyer, the characters she created, like Bella Snow and Jacob Black, and the Twilight series that has inspired box-office smash movies.Project Webster represents a new publishing paradigm, allowing disparate content sources to be curated into cohesive, relevant, and informative books. To date, this content has been curated from Wikipedia articles and images under Creative Commons licensing, although as Project Webster continues to increase in scope and dimension, more licensed and public domain content is being added. We believe books such as this represent a new and exciting lexicon in the sharing of human knowledge.”)

The Twilight Companion, by Lois Gresh

(According to fishpond, “”The Twilight Series” by Stephenie Meyer follows an unlikely couple: Bella, a gawky teenager, and her boyfriend, Edward, a vampire who has sworn off human blood. Seductive and compelling, the four-book series has become a worldwide phenomenon. With legends and lore about vampires and werewolves, insight into the lives and loves of the characters and loads of exclusive facts and quizzes, this guide is a must-have for fans of “The Twilight Series”. This book has not been authorized or endorsed by Stephanie Meyer, Little, Brown and Company, or anyone involved in “The Twilight” movie.”)

Bella Should Have Dumped Edward: Controversial Views on the Twilight Series, by Michelle Pan and the fans at (According to fishpond, “This compilation of perspectives and debates on hot-button questions is from one of the Internet’s top “Twilight” fan sites that has a huge fan base and a teenage webmaster who knows the audience better than any adult. What if Bella chose Jacob over Edward? Should Breaking Dawn have ended with an all-out showdown? Was it a mistake for Bella to become a vampire? These questions and more are debated extensively whenever hardcore “Twi-hards” sink their teeth into the series’ most controversial questions. Fans who love to debate with jugular-bursting intensity can get their fill of strong opinions in “Twilight Debates”. In seeking answers to the vampire series’ many dilemmas, Twilight expert Michelle Pan has teamed up with Twilighters from around the world to create a book filled with fan perspectives on the hottest topics surrounding the saga. Readers can enjoy the series again and again as they delve even deeper into its burning questions, including, Should Jacob have become Renesmee’s soul mate?, and, would Bella have been better off living in Phoenix instead of Forks?”)

Love Bites: The Unofficial Saga of Twilight, by Liv Spencer

(According to fishpond, “With over 42 million copies sold, Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight novels have captured the hearts of a generation of readers. At the centre of the saga is the epic love story of Bella and vampire Edward. The film adaptation is a huge success also. Hitting the shops when Eclipse, the latest film, hits cinemas, Love Bites features information on: the background of Stephanie Meyer, a guide to each novel in the series, bios of the stars of the movies, ‘making of’ chapters about the films, fascinating information on vampire and werewolf mythology and much, much more.”)

Dark Angels Revealed: by Angela Grace

(According to fishpond, “The Ultimate Fan Guide to the Dark Angel Phenomenon! Dark Angels have a way of capturing the popular imagination. From Lestat of The Vampire Chronicles to Edward Cullen of the Twilight series to Count Dracula of Bram Stoker’s classic novel, fans are enraptured by heaven’s mysterious and misunderstood outcasts. Now comes the ultimate fan guide for lovers of the Dark Angel genre. Dark Angels Revealed highlights the most popular Dark Angels from novels, movies, and television including:

— Acheron of the best-selling Dark Hunter series

— Bill Compton of the hit television series True Blood

— Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

— Jean Claude from the best-selling Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels

— The Cullen family from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series

Each entry is a revealing look into a Dark Angel’s strengths, weaknesses, and special powers. Even the most diehard fan will glean new insight into each character’s psyche, gifts, and personal demons. Brimming with photographs, key lines and scenes, and little known facts and trivia, Dark Angels: A Complete Illustrated Guide is the definitive insider’s guide to these supernatural creatures.”)


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