Love metaphors…


“Is the concept of love independent of the metaphors for love? The answer is a loud ‘No!’ The metaphors for love are significantly constitutive of our concept of love. Imagine a concept of love without physical force – that is, without attraction, electricity, magnetism – and without union, madness, illness, magic, nurturance, journeys, closeness, heat, or giving of oneself.  Take away all those metaphorical ways of conceptualizing love, and there’s not a whole lot left. What’s left is the mere literal skeleton: a lover, a beloved, feelings of love, and a relationship, which has an onset and an end point. Without the conventional conceptual metaphors for love, we are left with only the skeleton, bereft  of the richness of the concept.”[1]

[1] 71-72 George Lakoff and Mark Johnson (1999) Philosophy in the Flesh: The Emboidied Mind and its Challenge to Western Thought. New York: Basic Books.


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