Questions – taboo, sin, crime…


Are examples of seduction evident in the text? How are they described? What are the consequences? Does someone succumb to the seduction/engage in it fully? How is this perceived? Are there consequences for ‘succumbing’?

If there is violence or even just insecurity in this story, is there also a ‘safe space’? Is it always safe, or is the safety temporary? How does one enter this safe space/find it etc?

How is responsibility envisaged? for oneself, for others, for ‘good’ people/’bad’ people (is there a concept of good/bad?)?

How is crime portrayed? Perceived?

Is there a concept of sinful, polluted, dirty, etc.? How is this depicted? What form does it take?

Are stories revisited within the text? Revised/re-read/ re-written from different perspectives, etc.?


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