Questioning violence…


Just developing some questions for texts in this genre…

How is violence used? against whom? by whom? for what purpose?

How is violence ‘justified’ or ‘explained’? What morals are attached to violence? What politics?

Where does the violence take place? Home? Street? School? Darkness? On ‘foreign’ soil? etc.etc.

How are problems solved? What kinds of problems are encountered and how many options for solution are available to the character/explored by the author? How narrow are choices with regards to violence?

What kinds of violence are acceptable? Are they defined in any way?

In what ways are weapons described? Are they personalised? Are the adjectives etc around them positive/negative/threatening? Are they normalised within this world?

Is there a sense of ‘he started it’ or is violence simply endemic?

What stereotypes are connected with violence (if any)? If you trace these stereotypes back through the genres and social ages, where do they lead?


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