Entering the UF text critically…


Carrie Vaughn writes: “Apart from the presence of the supernatural and a kick-ass heroine (often wearing leather pants and wielding a semi-automatic), which are big parts of the urban fantasy formula and traits readers look for in these books, I’d argue that the framework boils down to two things: character and world-building.”

Her ideas are really worth exploring… so, to enter the text critically, summing up the most influential character and the world itself in a paragraph each ought to provide some clues as to where to go…

How do we find out about this other world?

How is the main character characterised? Through what language? Through what actions? In comparison with what other characters? As defined by the setting?

What about the other characters, on that note? Same questions… and also, what purpose to they fill? What is their role in the story? in the development of the protagonist’s character? in the depiction of this other world? do they have a story of their own?

Are any expectations violated? Which ones? How? Which ones are not violated?!


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